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Grandparents' Rights
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Unlike many aspects of the Pennsylvania Divorce Code, grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania are consistent throughout the State.

No-Fault Divorce Filing

No-Fault Divorces require mutual consent. Both the plaintiff and the defendant file affidavits stating that they agree that the marriage is irretrievable broken. PA divorce laws allows granting No-Fault 90 days after filing. Divorce laws in PA allow for a no-fault divorce 90 days after filing if both parties have filed affidavits stating they agree to the divorce. This is called mutual consent, where both plaintiff and defendant consent that the marriage is irretrievably broken. No-Fault are the most common type of divorce filing.

Fault Divorce Filing

If there is no mutual consent mutual consent that the marriage is irretrievably broken, the court may determine that the marriage is irretrievably broken as long as plaintiff and defendant have not lived together for two years. To prevail the plaintiff must prove the defendant's behavior led to the divorce. Grounds for a fault divorce include:
  • adultery;
  • abandonment for at least a year without cause;
  • bigamy; and
  • domestic violence.

If you qualify to file for a divorce in PA, contact us to discuss options best suited for your particular situation. You won't find better proven, experienced and sincerely compassionate divorce lawyers in Reading, Berks County or anywhere else in Pennsylvania. Miller Law Group lawyers are Family Law specialists with 40 years combined experience in Pennsylvania Divorce Law. Our Berks County law offices are conveniently located in West Lawn, PA around Reading. Discover more about filing for a divorce in Berks County and why we are different and better Berks County Divorce Attorneys.

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