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Family Law

Family Law

Our Attorneys are proven, experienced Berks County Family Law Specialists.
Divorce Law
We'll help you decide which options are best for you based on 40 years' experience in Berks County.
Division of Property
Division of Property
Our experienced Property Division Attorneys will make sure you get the best Equitable Distribution of Marital Property.
Spousal Support and Alimony Law
Spousal Support / Alimony
We'll make sure you have money to live will you're separated, to defend yourself in your divorce and to secure your long-term financial well-being.
Child Custody Law
Child Custody
Like you, our Child Custody Attorneys put the children's well-being first while protecting your rights to be with them.
Child Support Law
Child Support
Like you, our Child Support Attorneys put the children's well-being first while protecting your rights to be with them.
Grandparents' Rights
Grandparents' Rights
We'll defend grandparents' rights to see their grandchildren and parents' rights to control who spends time with them.
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Our Family Law Attorneys have 40 years' experience practicing PA Family Law in Berks County in and around Reading, PA. We...

  • understand Family Law matters include many of the most emotionally challenging, stressful, intimidating and life-altering events you'll ever face. You have feelings of hurt, anger, sometimes betrayal and often feelings of personal failure.
  • know the family dynamics and potential complications of your Family Law matter is unique and every case is different;
  • draw upon our 40 years' experience practicing PA Family Law dealing with different personality types and family situations to try to help you "settle things down";
  • want you to think rationally and negotiate without being blinded by anger, fear and resentment; because
  • want you to stay out of court if at all possible. You lose significant control of how things get settled when you do.
Obviously last thing you need is an intimidating, condescending divorce lawyer located in a small, dark, uninviting, and difficult to access office in downtown Reading, PA where even parking is a hassle.

Uniquely Better Berks County Family Law Attorneys

Berks County West Lawn, PA Family Law Attorneys Offices of The Miller Law Group
Meet with our Family Law Attorneys at our Berks County Law Offices in West Lawn, PA conveniently located near Reading, Wyomissing, West Reading, and Sinking Spring.
  • Our spacious, inviting, easy-access, well-lighted law offices are conveniently located in residential West Lawn, PA. We provide ample and easy free parking. You’ll feel some of the legal burden being lifted from your shoulders before you even enter the building.
    Berks County Attorneys and Legal Team at Miller Law Group
  • When you do enter our law offices you’ll be greeted with a sincere smile. As the name implies, we are a family and people-oriented Family Law group genuinely dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients. You'll know you came to the right Family Law Attorneys. You'll know you came to the right place for the emotional support everyone with Family Law issues needs.
    Our proven Family Law Attorneys represent every client with the same tireless dedication as we would for members of our family. At the same time we are no nonsense, hardcore Family Attorneys who spare nothing in defending your legal rights and protecting you, your family and your assets. People in Reading and Berks County choose us to represent them in Family Law matters because we...
  • Berks County Attorney Larry Miller Jr with Clientlisten to you, taking as much time as it requires totally understand your Family Law issue in detail;
  • ask the right questions only an experienced Family Attorney would know to ask;
  • apply our expert legal knowledge and experience in PA Family Law to craft the best possible, lowest cost customized legal solution especially for you;
  • explain legal matters using plain English saving legalese for the courtroom and legal documents. You'll...
    • know where you stand; and
    • understand how and when we plan to proceed.
  • bring other important legal issues and vulnerabilities related to your Family Law issue to your attention because our attorneys have a wide breadth of legal knowledge and experience; that enables them to provide guidance regarding your overall legal profile and exposure.
You'll leave your consultation reassured knowing with absolute certainty that you chose the best possible Family Law Attorneys in Reading, Berks County or anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

You should seek the advice of an experienced Family Law Attorney as soon as trouble is brewing. A little knowledge can you a whole lot of time and trouble later on in a divorce.

You need to know...

what to do;

what to say;

how to conduct yourself; and if you know the marriage is over

how to separate so your not accused of abandonment or otherwise penalized later in the divorce process.

Berks County Family Law Attorney Larry Miller, Jr.Larry W. Miller, Jr.
Owner / Managing Partner
Expert Family Law Attorney
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