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Family Law
Family Law
Our Attorneys are proven, experienced Berks County Family Law Specialists.
Divorce Law
Our expert Divorce Attorneys will help you decide which options are best for you based on 40 years' experience practicing PA Divorce Law in Berks County.
Division of Property
Division of Property
Our experienced Property Division Attorneys will make sure you get the best Equitable Distribution of Marital Property.
Spousal Support and Alimony Law
Spousal Support / Alimony
We'll make sure you have money to live will you're separated, to defend yourself in your divorce and to secure your long-term financial well-being.
Child Custody Law
Child Custody
Like you, our Child Custody Attorneys put the children's well-being first while protecting your rights to be with them.
Child Support Law
Child Support
Like you, our Child Support Attorneys put the children's well-being first while protecting your rights to be with them.
Grandparents' Rights
Grandparents' Rights
We'll defend grandparents' rights to see their grandchildren and parents' rights to control who spends time with their children.
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The proven, results-driven divorce lawyers at Miller Law Group have been practicing divorce law in Reading, PA and Berks County for over 40 years. We understand divorce is extremely stressful and intimidating. The last thing you need is an intimidating, condescending divorce lawyer located in a small, dark, uninviting, and difficult to access office in downtown Reading, PA where even parking is a hassle.
What makes our Divorce Attorneys stand out from other attorneys in Berks County?
  • Miller Law Group Divorce Attorneys' Berks County West Lawn, PA Law OfficesOur Berks County West Lawn Law Offices are around Reading, PA just 15 minutes from the Berks County Courthouse.
    Our spacious, inviting, easy-access, well-lighted law offices are conveniently located in residential West Lawn next to Reading, PA. We provide ample and easy free parking. You’ll feel some of the stress of the divorce being lifted from your shoulders before you even enter the building.
  • Berks County Divorce Attorneys and Legal Team at Miller Law GroupMeet your dedicated Berks County divorce lawyers and legal team that are going to help and protect you.
    When you do enter our law offices you’ll be greeted with a sincere reassuring smile. As the name implies, we are a family and people-oriented law group genuinely dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients.
    We represent every client with the same tireless dedication as we would for members of our family. At the same time we are no nonsense, hardcore divorce attorneys who spare nothing in defending your legal rights and preserving your assets.
  • Berks County Divorce Larry Miller Jr.We explain complex legal issues in plain English so you don't have to be a divorce lawyer to understand what's going on.
    We listen to you. We ask the right questions. We then apply our divorce law expertise and 40 years experience to determine the best possible settlement for you and your family.
  • We spend as much time as it takes to make sure you understand your legal rights in your unique divorce situation. You'll leave the consultation knowing what to expect with an understanding and in agreement on how we plan to proceed.
  • We discuss your divorce using plain English saving legalese for the courtroom and settlement documents. You'll leave our office reassured knowing with absolute certainty that you chose the best possible divorce lawyer in Reading, PA, Berks County or anywhere else in Pennsylvania.
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The divorce basics are explained here using plain English as much as possible. When you finish reading it you will not be a divorce expert. That's our job. Everything presented here must be interpreted by our expert divorce attorneys in terms of your unique circumstances giving you certain defenses, exceptions or inclusions. But having a basic understanding of the divorce process will help you derive the most benefit from your consultation.
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Divorce is unique because it attempts to split property. But unlike other areas of the law, it doesn't focus as much as who is at fault. The focus is on what is fair or "equitable".

This is an important distinction that can be difficult to see when so many emotions are involved. The goal of equitable distribution is to try and have the parties on as equal of footing as possible after the divorce. This is obviously different than standard civil litigation that aims to determine who is at fault.

These are just some of the things you need to understand before proceeding with a divorce. That's why we encourage you to confidentially meet with our experienced divorce attorneys early on. We're not going to lecture you, insult your intelligence or drag out your case just to increase our own fees.
If you decide to proceed with the divorce you can be comforted knowing you've placed your well-being in the hands of one of the top, proven and most successful divorce lawyers in Berks County. We'll use our 40 years of divorce experience and expertise representing and protecting you, your assets and financial well-being with pit bull-like tenacity and intensity to get the best possible settlement.
Requirements for Filing for Divorce in Berks County PA
Requirements for Filing for Divorce in Pennsylvania include:
  • At least one of the parties to the divorce must have been a PA resident for six months prior to the filing.
  • The divorce proceedings may be brought in the county where the defendant lives.
  • If the defendant is no longer living in Pennsylvania, the proceedings may be brought in the county where the plaintiff... the person filing the divorce action... lives.
  • If the plaintiff continues to reside in the county where they lived while married to the defendant, the proceedings may be brought in that county.
  • Prior to six months after the final separation, proceedings may be brought in the county where the plaintiff resides if the defendant agrees.
  • If neither plaintiff nor defendant lives in the county where they resided at the time of the marriage, the proceedings may be brought in the county where either of them now lives.
  • Six months after the final separation, proceedings may be brought where either plaintiff or defendant lives.
Grounds for Filing for Divorce in Berks County PA
Grounds for Filing for Divorce in Pennsylvania include:

No-Fault Grounds

No-Fault Divorces require mutual consent. Both the plaintiff and the defendant file affidavits stating that they agree that the marriage is irretrievable broken. PA divorce laws allows granting No-Fault 90 days after filing. Divorce laws in PA allow for a no-fault divorce 90 days after filing if both parties have filed affidavits stating they agree to the divorce. This is called mutual consent, where both plaintiff and defendant consent that the marriage is irretrievably broken. No-Fault are the most common type of divorce filing.

Fault Divorce Grounds

If there is no mutual consent mutual consent that the marriage is irretrievably broken, the court may determine that the marriage is irretrievably broken as long as plaintiff and defendant have not lived together for two years. To prevail the plaintiff must prove the defendant's behavior led to the divorce. Grounds for a fault divorce include:
  • adultery;
  • abandonment for at least a year without cause;
  • bigamy; and
  • domestic violence.

"Fault" is mainly used to establish the right to a divorce. But with the No-Fault Grounds available, it doesn't make sense to pursue Fault grounds (which must be proven = expensive trial) over No-Fault Grounds which are easily proven.

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