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  • PA Child Support Law Overview
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Berks County Child Custody Attorneys

Our attorneys specialize in Family Law. We have 40 years' experience as PA Child Custody Attorneys in Reading, PA and in Berks County communities around Reading. We know...

  • people have a tendency to underestimate the ramifications of Child Support; and
  • how contentious Child Custody can get because the paying parent doubts the Child Support is being spent on the behalf of the children.

Many people think they don't need a Child Support Attorney in Pennsylvania. That's because they've heard that PA Child Support is based upon a fixed formula presented in a table. They think there's nothing you can do to control the amount. Just look it up online and you'll know right where you're at. But it's not that simple.

You do need a Child Support Attorney. Here's why...

  • Child Support determined by the schedule depends upon the values for the variables used to cross-reference the schedule;
  • The values of the variables can change over time;
  • PA Child Support schedule itself changes approximately every four years;
  • Child Support determined in the scheduled can be adjusted up or down by the court; and
  • Adjustments are not consistently applied across all PA counties or even between judges in the same county.

It's not clear cut. A lot of it is very subjective. You do need our proven Child Support Attorneys experienced in handling PA Child Support cases in Berks County, Pennsylvania

  • If you're the custodial parent we make sure you're either getting the Child Support you need.
  • If you're the non-custodial parent paying Child Support, we make sure you're not being taken advantage of and help you make sure you can actually make the Child Support payments. It's important because Pennsylvania takes Child Support very seriously. As you'll see read on you'll discover there can be serious consequences for not paying Child Support.

Overview of PA Child Support

  • Child support is a monthly payment a parent... usually the non-custodial parent... makes to the custodial parent to help cover the costs of raising a child.
  • Pennsylvania Child Support Law assumes children of divorced parents should receive the same amount of financial support they would have received if the family was still intact.
  • Pennsylvania uses Rule 1910.16-3. Support Guidelines to calculate Basic Child Support.
    • Basic Child Support is based upon the combined income of the parents and the number of children.
    • Combined Income includes:
      • salaries and wages;
      • bonuses;
      • business income;
      • interest and dividends;
      • gains on the sale of businesses, investments or property,
      • distributions from pensions and retirement plans;
      • Social Security payments,
      • veteran's benefits;
      • unemployment compensation; and in some cases
      • imputed income - even if you're currently unemployed, the court may consider income you could be earning based on your...
        • age,
        • education;
        • past employment; and
        • health.
  • The court can adjust the Child Support listed on the schedule based upon...
    • income and assets of spouses;
    • child care expenses;
    • expenses outside the scope of typical child-rearing expenses;
    • the amount of time each spouse spends with the children;
    • debts and expenses;
    • health insurance premiums;
    • un-reimbursed medical expenses;
    • age of the children;
    • number of children; and
    • shared or sole custody.
  • The guidelines are updated every four years to reflect changes in economic data and the cost of living.
    • Child Support Orders based upon an earlier guideline is not automatically updated when a new release is issued. Instead...
    • One or both parents must file a Modification Request with the court.
  • The amount of Child Support can be changed
  • Modifications to Child Support can sometimes happen without going to court.

What Happens if Child Support Payments are Not Being Paid in Accordance With the Court Order?

Here's the process for collecting past due Child Support:

  • You have to file the appropriate paperwork with the court. Our Child Support Attorneys can help you with that. The forms are available online or at the Berks County Courthouse.
  • Deliver a copy to the parent not making the payments.
  • The court schedules and Order to Show Cause hearing.

You can also avoid court by enlisting the services of PA Child Support Enforcement (CSE) for a small fee.

Pennsylvania Strictly Enforces Child Support

The courts or Child Support Enforcement can order or initiate the following against you for failing to pay court-ordered child support:

  • deducting child support from the non-custodial parent's paycheck
  • withholding child support directly from your:
    • unemployment payments;
    • Worker’s Compensation;
    • Social Security benefits; or Veteran’s Disability benefits.
  • garnishing your wages and  income;
  • attaching a lien against real property;
  • seizing your:
    • bank accounts; or
    • personal injury settlements;
  • restricting or revoking your:
    • occupational or professional license;
    • driver’s license and passport
    • recreational licenses, such as a fishing or hunting license;
  • intercepting your:
    • federal or state tax refunds; or
    • lottery winnings;
  • embarrassing you and damaging your reputation by publishing your name in the newspaper; and
  • reporting your Child Support debt to credit reporting agencies negatively impacting your credit rating.

If the court determines you could pay your Child Support and you're simply refusing to abide by the court's order you can be:

  • found in contempt of court;
  • required to pay fines up to $500; and
  • be charged with a misdemeanor or felony charge and sent to jail for up to six months.
Having our experienced Child Support Attorneys protecting you through the entire Child Support process as well as through any modifications. Depending upon what's being presented there can be a fine line between being unable to pay and refusing to pay. Obviously it's extremely important to get this right.

Modifications to Child Support

Every factor that goes into the determination of PA Child Support is subject to change. It's true for both the spouse paying and receiving Child Support. For example...

  • the PA Schedule used as the basis of Child Support changes around every four years;
  • people lose or change their jobs;
  • There may be unexpected medical expenses; or
  • An accident or illness may prevent you from working.

When conditions change you have to file a Modification Request with the court.

A modified Child Support Order affects future payments. You will still be required to pay any Child Support payments that are in arrears.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Berks County Child Support Attorneys Around Reading, PA

You won't find more proven, experienced and competent Child Support Attorneys in Reading, Berks County or anywhere else in Pennsylvania. We also have a reputation throughout Berks County for being the people and family-oriented law firm. We...
  • are sincerely compassionate and sensitive to the stress Child Custody matters causes;
  • take as much time as is needed to listen and understand your unique situation;
  • ask the right questions only experienced Child Support Attorneys know to ask for an even better understanding;
  • explain the Child Support legal issues applicable to your case in plain English so you clearly understand:
    • where you're at;
    • how we'll proceed; and
    • when you can expect it to happen.
The legal help you need and the emotional support you deserve are a phone call away. Contact Us Online or call us at 610-670-9000 today.
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