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Family Law

Business Law

Our Business Law Attorneys are proven, experienced Berks County Business Law Specialists expert in:

  • Business Contracts;
  • Business Contract Disputes;
  • Business Formation;
  • Business Startups;
  • Business Dissolutions;
  • Business Transfers; and
  • Business Tax Planning.
Family Law

Family Law

Our Family Law Attorneys are proven, experienced Berks County Family Law Specialists expert in:

  • Divorce
  • Division of Assets;
  • Spousal Support and Alimony;
  • Child Custody;
  • Child Suppport;
  • Grandparents' Rights; and
  • Prenuptial, Postnuptial and Separation Agreements.
Division of Property

Estate Planning

Our Proven. experienced Estate Planning Attorneys will minimize your taxes and make sure your estate is passed on to loved ones according to your wishes.
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Our proven, results-driven Business, Family and Estate Planning Attorneys have 40 years' experience. We practice law in Reading, PA and Berks County communities around Reading including Sinking Spring, West Lawn, Wyomissing and more. We understand situations requiring an attorney are often extremely stressful and intimidating because...
  • You’re trying to protect assets you’ve worked a lifetime to acquire and the loved ones you want to benefit from those assets.
  • You’re protecting a business you’ve invested your heart and soul and countless hours to build and make successful.
  • Nothing is more emotionally challenging than matters of family law.
The last thing you need is an intimidating, condescending lawyer located in a small, dark, uninviting, and difficult to access office in downtown Reading, PA where even parking is a hassle.
What makes Miller Law Group Attorneys stand out from other Berks County Attorneys?
Berks County West Lawn, PA Law Offices of Miller Law Group
Our Berks County West Lawn law offices are near Reading, PA just 15 minutes from the Berks County Courthouse.
  • Our spacious, inviting, easy-access, well-lighted law offices are conveniently located in residential West Lawn, PA. We provide ample and easy free parking. You’ll feel some of the legal burden being lifted from your shoulders before you even enter the building. Take a Tour of Our Law Offices.
    Berks County Attorneys and Legal Team at Miller Law Group
  • When you do enter our law offices you’ll be greeted with a sincere smile. As the name implies, we are a family and people-oriented law group genuinely dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients.
    Our proven attorneys represent every client with the same tireless dedication as we would for members of our family. At the same time we are no nonsense, hardcore attorneys who spare nothing in defending your legal rights and protecting you, your family and your assets.
  • Berks County Attorney Larry Miller Jr with ClientWe listen to you spending as much time as it takes to totally understand you legal problem.
  • We ask the right questions only experienced lawyers know to ask.
  • We apply our expert legal knowledge and experience to craft the best possible, lowest cost customized legal solution especially for you.
  • We explain legal matters using plain English saving legalese for the courtroom and contracts. You'll leave reassured knowing with absolute certainty that you chose the best possible attorneys in Reading, Berks County or anywhere else.
  • We may also bring other important legal issues and vulnerabilities to your attention you may not have even considered before meeting with us. Our attorneys have a wide breadth of legal knowledge and experience that enables them to provide guidance regarding your overall legal profile and exposure.
If you needed brain surgery, would you choose a surgeon who has performed 10 or fewer operations or a proven surgeon who has successfully performed hundreds or thousands? Obviously you minimize your risk by choosing experience. It's no different when you choose an attorney to protect your legal well-being.
You can be intelligent and gone to the best law schools. But attorneys refine legal skills by putting them to the test in the real world. Experience is important because...
  • selecting just the right word, the placement of a word or the decision to include or exclude certain words at all matters;
  • knowing exactly the right way to proceed matters;
  • tailoring legal solutions to specifically address your unique situation (no one size fits all solutions) matters; and
  • experience enables our attorneys to better anticipate and protect you from legal complications less experienced lawyers and attorneys often miss.
Few Berks County law firms offer you the breadth of legal expertise and experience available at the Miller Law Group. Knowledge in multiple areas of the law enables our attorneys to minimize your overall legal risk and provide the best protection for yourself, your family and your assets.
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